November 9, 2011

too much

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it’s funny how blogging takes a back seat to real life.  major events have taken precedence over the ramblings.  so, let’s begin.  since i last posted…

my contract was not renewed with my former employer in may,

cate and i found out we are expecting our first child,

i scrambled looking for work in the speech field

i worked as a nanny part-time for 2 families during the summer,

i landed a job in eagle, co as an slpa,

i began work online for my final class before applying to gain slpa status with colorado

cate’s job was reduced to part time (as planned) at the beginning of ’11/’12 school year,

i moved to eagle first living in an extended stay hotel room for september then moving into a basement apartment where rent is higher than our mortgage,

we got molly a sweater that actually fits,

we find out we’re having a little girl, hazel elizabeth, after my maternal grandmother and sister,

my caseload goes from a hopeful 45 up to 65 students,

and we complete the baby room ready to bring our little one to planet earth.

many things of importance have happened in the past 10 months and life has drastically changed in how we go through each day.  being apart from sweet cate during the week has been extremely difficult but we relish our time together on the weekends.

until next time (probably the week of thanksgiving) when i try to post up some pictures…



December 13, 2010

random recent

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Well, we managed to make it out to UTR this winter. But it was hardly winter! We went the weekend of December 6. That winter I was caretaker must have been an extreme. Or these past 2 have been extreme in the warm direction.

Last week we got ready for Christmas by getting a tree (a beaut if I do say so, decorating it and the rest of the house.  Cate is really good at putting little smell-good accents of fir tree around.  I can never get the right setting for this point and shoot.  Let the blurry pics give you an idea of what’s it’s like.

And to celebrate the holiday of different stories, Santa Lucia Day.  Cate’s story she remembers is far different than what i read on wikipedia.  Then again, who said wikipedia was the end all be all authority on santa lucia?


November 14, 2010


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Goodbye truck!  I hope you serve your new owner well.  You’re already missed!

February 13, 2010

let the walls rise

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our friend and amazing person, aaron, came over to impart some wall-building knowledge.  wow.  he works fast and does good work.  the project is to restore the 2 walls that once were the closet in the office and the wall separating the office/guest rooms.  so, let the pictures begin.

we had to chip out the plaster that someone used to level the floor so the old carpet could be layed.  we revealed the subfloor here between the two rooms.

the first wall is up!


now for the wall.  a surprise awaits those who visit.  teehee!

setting the footer thingy.  hah

aaron gitnrdun.

headers for future doors.

TA-DA!  and a sleeping puppy pic for good measure.

aaron and i will continue working on the project by dry-walling and completing the electrical.  we added an outlet on each side of the wall and of course, a new light switch in the office.  can’t wait!


January 30, 2010


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we brought home our sweet little girl.  no name yet.  any suggestions?


January 16, 2010


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so, after owning this DUX chair for about ten months, i finally ordered replacement fagas straps from “Klassik” by Lynne.  i was referred to her direct from fagas as the only US dealer/distributor.  i sent the measurments to Gitte, who was great, but received the wrong length.  so, Gitte sent the correct length and reimbursed me my return shipping.  our chair needed straps marked 560.  I installed them with little trouble and they’re perfect.  now we just need some cushions.  🙂


January 8, 2010


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the apparently popular fake brick in the kitchen nook had to get some paint on it.  so, what cate began on this wall, i finished one night.  texture is nice, but i’m glad it’s no longer mustard/black.  🙂

ikea had nothing of interest to us in the barstool height.  so i’m glad craigslist was again kind to us.  and we met a really great couple! three of these will grace the yet to be made counter in the kitchen nook.


January 5, 2010

ikea run!

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so, we hung our first curtains.  these are temporary until we, err, cate can get the curtains sewn and taped.  but yay!  the tv room now feels more secure and should be a little warmer.  also the table and pendant lamp look wonderful and we’ve been using the table, along with cate’s previous purchase of the gilbert chairs, to eat dinner at while watching tv.  crazy!

and now for the light that went in perfectly AFTER i found 3″ #8 junction box screws.  the max length home depot carried was 2″.  thank you ACE!  we have another hung in the tv room but it won’t sit flush against the ceiling.  gotta fix that.  :/

all lit up


November 1, 2009

pics from around the house

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here’s some from outside showing progress on our painting and our paint scheme.  again, i just roll, cate actually paints.

the trailer in all it’s glory after i moved it behind the fence.  now it’s safe.


October 15, 2009

da house

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so, it is almost time to put up some house pics.  i don’t have many but i’ll put up what i can in the very near future.


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