December 13, 2010

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Well, we managed to make it out to UTR this winter. But it was hardly winter! We went the weekend of December 6. That winter I was caretaker must have been an extreme. Or these past 2 have been extreme in the warm direction.

Last week we got ready for Christmas by getting a tree (a beaut if I do say so, decorating it and the rest of the house.  Cate is really good at putting little smell-good accents of fir tree around.  I can never get the right setting for this point and shoot.  Let the blurry pics give you an idea of what’s it’s like.

And to celebrate the holiday of different stories, Santa Lucia Day.  Cate’s story she remembers is far different than what i read on wikipedia.  Then again, who said wikipedia was the end all be all authority on santa lucia?



September 6, 2010

ohhhhh 2 (more pics)

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just had to load some more pics!  these are the jpegs that havne’t been color corrected.

e30 IX love!

locking gas cap.  awesome.

sooo happy!

LEAN baby!

prepping to head out on my first drive in an 02!

check out the sweet camper!  the classic HORNET!  lol

thank you cate!  she’s so great.



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well, cate and i went to glenwood springs, co which is west of vail and the jumping off point to get to aspen.  she surprised me by setting up a drive with a bmw 2002.  his was a 1975 and he gave me the opportunity to actually drive.  no stalls!  enjoy cate’s great pictures.

the classic “kidney” grille

landon and i rode in the 2002 while cate and lianna rode in their 1988 e30 ix.  here’s where we stopped so i could drive.  crazy!

tearing up the curves!  (that’s me driving!)

getting looks from the few people on the road!

irrigation resevior for all the great pastures around the area.

landon’s steering wheel he had on his first 2002, a 1968 1600 from when he was in high school.

the hospitable couple!


June 6, 2010

camping with the matts

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a few weeks back the bates came back to CO.  cate and i went down to the springs for suzy’s surprise bday party and we had a good time seeing them.  we miss them.  of course, during their stint here, matt HAD to go camping.  so i obliged.  ;p

matty b’s site:

matty g’s site:

time to get a fire going.  found a great fire ring someone put some time/effort into.

now, off to search for boulders to climb.

didn’t have to walk far to see some, but most were unclimbable due to lack of holds or chossy crumbling mess.

we did find a couple that we could flail up!

pretty teeny plants to greet you at the top:

matt also showed off his tree climbing prowess.  you can see why we get along so well.

back to camp to cook some grub and chat and go to bed before dark.  🙂

miss you already, matt.


March 8, 2010

camera: unload

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so, i have lots of pics that have no home and have been stuck on the camera.  so, enjoy these from the past not sure how many weeks.

ikea bed frames = 2 singles or a king!

vail and cate doing what she does so well.

the caulkins’s (one of the founders of vail) front door.  🙂

dryer repair.  busted heating element.  thanks jim!

we ventured to estes park (first time ever) to see what it was like.  just so happens a snow storm blew in.  felt like i was back living at UTR!  as we came into town there was a gathering of people off the side of the road.  then we saw dogs.  BIG dogs.  and sleds.  and you can figure out the rest.

haha…now if only that temp was right, then it would feel like gunnison.  however, my temp sensor has been screwy for months.  it was probably about 10˚f.  🙂

the only pic we took in town was this silly reminder of home.  so tourist-y.

molly is a smart one.  durn blurry!

presenting!  the always willing to help, and ask a billion questions, noah!  aaron’s cool too.

this past weekend’s project.  well, one of them.

removed the edging.  hello scrap money!

cate.  master painter.

it’s like a burn pile, only smaller and more in the city.


taking advantage of the burn pile coals, cate, amazing me once more, improvises and makes some fish and veggies hobo-pak style.  YEAH!  that’s the old crawlspace hatch frame burning.  heh

the office is taking shape.  closet primer NO wallpaper!


March 29, 2009


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gonna try to post some pics.

this was last weekend my friend aaron and i went camping in the south platte area.  we searched for boulders, hiked among some good and some bad, and climbed the good rocks.

the "awkward boulder"

aaron cleaning in the classic squat position

da tent

where we slept. errr...sort of slept.


fire of conversation

b-fast o' championz


setting was idilic

i want a permanent residence in this kind of setting.



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