July 3, 2010


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cate is a master.  that’s why she does the painting.  new hardware courtesy of ikea. upper cabinet doors are in the process of being sanded.  but it may be awhile before we can finish and reinstall.  enjoy!



nice guest room and view

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here’s the guest room almost finished but ready for sleepy guests.

and a great view from the conley roof in the highland neighborhood just NW of downtown.


June 6, 2010

wall 1: kid wall

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one more item off the list to completing the remodel in the back rooms of the house was checked off this morning.  the kid climbing wall in the guest room.  aaron and i look forward to much fun setting problems and dreaming of when we can get the garage filled with more wood and holds and overhangs.  noah had the FA (first ascent) and will be back to climb more soon.  even though it’s only 8 feet high, it gives a good pump in the arms!  yes!

fitting more holds:

from the hallway:



March 8, 2010

camera: unload

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so, i have lots of pics that have no home and have been stuck on the camera.  so, enjoy these from the past not sure how many weeks.

ikea bed frames = 2 singles or a king!

vail and cate doing what she does so well.

the caulkins’s (one of the founders of vail) front door.  🙂

dryer repair.  busted heating element.  thanks jim!

we ventured to estes park (first time ever) to see what it was like.  just so happens a snow storm blew in.  felt like i was back living at UTR!  as we came into town there was a gathering of people off the side of the road.  then we saw dogs.  BIG dogs.  and sleds.  and you can figure out the rest.

haha…now if only that temp was right, then it would feel like gunnison.  however, my temp sensor has been screwy for months.  it was probably about 10˚f.  🙂

the only pic we took in town was this silly reminder of home.  so tourist-y.

molly is a smart one.  durn blurry!

presenting!  the always willing to help, and ask a billion questions, noah!  aaron’s cool too.

this past weekend’s project.  well, one of them.

removed the edging.  hello scrap money!

cate.  master painter.

it’s like a burn pile, only smaller and more in the city.


taking advantage of the burn pile coals, cate, amazing me once more, improvises and makes some fish and veggies hobo-pak style.  YEAH!  that’s the old crawlspace hatch frame burning.  heh

the office is taking shape.  closet primer NO wallpaper!


January 5, 2010

ikea run!

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so, we hung our first curtains.  these are temporary until we, err, cate can get the curtains sewn and taped.  but yay!  the tv room now feels more secure and should be a little warmer.  also the table and pendant lamp look wonderful and we’ve been using the table, along with cate’s previous purchase of the gilbert chairs, to eat dinner at while watching tv.  crazy!

and now for the light that went in perfectly AFTER i found 3″ #8 junction box screws.  the max length home depot carried was 2″.  thank you ACE!  we have another hung in the tv room but it won’t sit flush against the ceiling.  gotta fix that.  :/

all lit up


November 1, 2009

set up

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as our furniture stands in the back rooms.  we even set up a little guest area.  wow.

you can barely see the wall paper coming down in the upper left.

future office with reading area!  haha.


August 4, 2009


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we got some great tables from the Nines moving sale for a sweet price.  they completely restored them, but there are some slight scratches on the lacquer from sitting in their showroom for so many months.  oh well!




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