November 18, 2010

speech cards and bmws

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so i was preparing for some students to come in yesterday and ran across these two cards. they’re copyrighted 1985, but these pictures have to be from a few years prior. a 2002 AND what looks like an early model e21 320. ha!



September 6, 2010

ohhhhh 2 (more pics)

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just had to load some more pics!  these are the jpegs that havne’t been color corrected.

e30 IX love!

locking gas cap.  awesome.

sooo happy!

LEAN baby!

prepping to head out on my first drive in an 02!

check out the sweet camper!  the classic HORNET!  lol

thank you cate!  she’s so great.



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well, cate and i went to glenwood springs, co which is west of vail and the jumping off point to get to aspen.  she surprised me by setting up a drive with a bmw 2002.  his was a 1975 and he gave me the opportunity to actually drive.  no stalls!  enjoy cate’s great pictures.

the classic “kidney” grille

landon and i rode in the 2002 while cate and lianna rode in their 1988 e30 ix.  here’s where we stopped so i could drive.  crazy!

tearing up the curves!  (that’s me driving!)

getting looks from the few people on the road!

irrigation resevior for all the great pastures around the area.

landon’s steering wheel he had on his first 2002, a 1968 1600 from when he was in high school.

the hospitable couple!


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