November 9, 2011

too much

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it’s funny how blogging takes a back seat to real life.  major events have taken precedence over the ramblings.  so, let’s begin.  since i last posted…

my contract was not renewed with my former employer in may,

cate and i found out we are expecting our first child,

i scrambled looking for work in the speech field

i worked as a nanny part-time for 2 families during the summer,

i landed a job in eagle, co as an slpa,

i began work online for my final class before applying to gain slpa status with colorado

cate’s job was reduced to part time (as planned) at the beginning of ’11/’12 school year,

i moved to eagle first living in an extended stay hotel room for september then moving into a basement apartment where rent is higher than our mortgage,

we got molly a sweater that actually fits,

we find out we’re having a little girl, hazel elizabeth, after my maternal grandmother and sister,

my caseload goes from a hopeful 45 up to 65 students,

and we complete the baby room ready to bring our little one to planet earth.

many things of importance have happened in the past 10 months and life has drastically changed in how we go through each day.  being apart from sweet cate during the week has been extremely difficult but we relish our time together on the weekends.

until next time (probably the week of thanksgiving) when i try to post up some pictures…



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