February 13, 2010

let the walls rise

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our friend and amazing person, aaron, came over to impart some wall-building knowledge.  wow.  he works fast and does good work.  the project is to restore the 2 walls that once were the closet in the office and the wall separating the office/guest rooms.  so, let the pictures begin.

we had to chip out the plaster that someone used to level the floor so the old carpet could be layed.  we revealed the subfloor here between the two rooms.

the first wall is up!


now for the wall.  a surprise awaits those who visit.  teehee!

setting the footer thingy.  hah

aaron gitnrdun.

headers for future doors.

TA-DA!  and a sleeping puppy pic for good measure.

aaron and i will continue working on the project by dry-walling and completing the electrical.  we added an outlet on each side of the wall and of course, a new light switch in the office.  can’t wait!



February 6, 2010

dreams dashed…

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well, we attacked the floor in the half bath tonight to try to reveal the original grey vinyl with flecks of yellow, pink, grey, and aqua.  the carpet tiles aren’t horrible, but aren’t even really glued down.  the tan vinyl tiles with whispy looking weeds on them are bad and are up.  i would show a pic but i can’t find my usb drive my memory card plugs into.  so, cliffhanger it is.


edit:  here it is…

so cool!

and uggh…

shotty patch job with new subfloor.  NOT level with existing original subfloor.

more old more recent tiles removed.  more of the original flooring ruined by the patched subfloor job.

the replaced subfloor was so uneven with the original that the new tan tiles they put on cracked and broke because of the drop off.  lovely.

now what?  for now put the maroon carpet tiles back over it all, then when we can actually do it right, perhaps find a similar floor to the original.  that will have to wait.


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