January 30, 2010


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we brought home our sweet little girl.  no name yet.  any suggestions?



January 26, 2010

DUX is complete

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it is finished!  our DUX chair originally owned by the Middlebrook family of Arapahoe Acres, has just received it’s reconditioned cushions from Brandt & Whitney.  The combination of the fagas straps and the new foam makes it like new again. The guys from Brandt & Whitney commented on how nice the fabric is and I couldn’t agree more.  The weave alone is outstanding, even if the color is a little faded in places.  Oh well, let the sitting and admiring begin!


January 16, 2010


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so, after owning this DUX chair for about ten months, i finally ordered replacement fagas straps from “Klassik” by Lynne.  i was referred to her direct from fagas as the only US dealer/distributor.  i sent the measurments to Gitte, who was great, but received the wrong length.  so, Gitte sent the correct length and reimbursed me my return shipping.  our chair needed straps marked 560.  I installed them with little trouble and they’re perfect.  now we just need some cushions.  🙂


January 8, 2010


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the apparently popular fake brick in the kitchen nook had to get some paint on it.  so, what cate began on this wall, i finished one night.  texture is nice, but i’m glad it’s no longer mustard/black.  🙂

ikea had nothing of interest to us in the barstool height.  so i’m glad craigslist was again kind to us.  and we met a really great couple! three of these will grace the yet to be made counter in the kitchen nook.


January 5, 2010

ikea run!

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so, we hung our first curtains.  these are temporary until we, err, cate can get the curtains sewn and taped.  but yay!  the tv room now feels more secure and should be a little warmer.  also the table and pendant lamp look wonderful and we’ve been using the table, along with cate’s previous purchase of the gilbert chairs, to eat dinner at while watching tv.  crazy!

and now for the light that went in perfectly AFTER i found 3″ #8 junction box screws.  the max length home depot carried was 2″.  thank you ACE!  we have another hung in the tv room but it won’t sit flush against the ceiling.  gotta fix that.  :/

all lit up


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