July 31, 2009

august cometh

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so, nashville was great but too short (my bro is awesome), i got a C in college algebra (hallelujah), we should close on the house on the 28th (pray!), our upstairs neighbor moved out (another hallelujah), i only have 3 weeks of this camp job left (i’m indifferent), cate is my forever love, summer temps can’t end too soon, i’m ready to do some house stuff, i want my  hair cut like robert redford.





July 12, 2009


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well, we’re almost* under contract.  check out my facebook page to check pics of the house in question.  on another note, i have 1 week of class left with 2 tests and a final.  then it’s off to nashville to see ben for a few days.  cate and i desperately need time off and we hope it can rejuvenate us.

*we put in an offer lower than the asking price, then they countered and we accepted, but we were unable to put in that acceptance because “the selling agent does not work friday – sunday”.  i would strongly think that real estate agents–especially those that are on the selling side of things–would work on weekends.

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