April 17, 2009


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after a trip to IKEA in north dallas, we came back with this graphic beauty.  happy birthday to me early!



April 14, 2009

back to the drawing board.

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well, most of you know that the house fell through and we suffered because of it.  now we’ll see what happens over the next few months as the market swells with the summer season.  oh, btw, we got our earnest money back.  praise god for that one.  also, the numbers i posted before will be returned to home depot.  stink.


April 8, 2009


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we found out today that our chances of closing by april 9th are non-existent.  again, miracles happen but we must be proactive too.  so, we must file an extension with them (wells fargo ie the owner of the house).  however, of course, there’s a catch.

if the request for extension is too far off–2 weeks–wells fargo says auf wiedersehen and we lose the house.  this puzzles me because they would have a very difficult time finding someone as well qualified to buy and also it would take way longer than 2 weeks to sell it to another buyer.  fyi, we’ve been at this process since mid/late january and here we still stand.

if the request for extension is too close–the end of this week and original closing date–our lender who’s fronting the money won’t have the paperwork done.  AWESOME!

apparently the entire banking/lending business is based on “oh, well, i have a stack of papers on my desk.  we’ll get to your file when we get to it.”  some assurance that is!  good grief.

what we’d like to happen:  the lender somehow finishes our paperwork by our original close date of this thursday april 9th, we sign the closing papers, and we have a house to move into pronto.  seeing as how those chances are now nil, we have to file an extension that is not too long or too short in the time frame of things.  nobody knows how long exactly but by tomorrow midday, we hope to have a decent idea of how large the extension should be.  i was even told that it’s a gamble one way or the other so we have to take our best guess as to the time we should ask for.

pray for us and miracles.  god is good.  god knows what he’s doing.  god is in control.

i just hope this entire house thing is not some learning experience where we suffer more than less.  😀  faithfulness is one of god’s strong suits though and he’s shown it to cate and me countless times and ways.  thank you for challenges!  make us depend on you!


April 4, 2009


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modern house numbers at  home depot??  yep.  these are great because you can choose to have the numbers sit flush with the surface or have them “float” above it about 1/4″.


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