March 31, 2009


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chances are not good we’ll be closing by april 9th.  miracles happen though.  get to prayin’.



March 30, 2009

home again

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well, cate is home safe and sound.  yay for my love returning to me!  after i picked her up from the airport we went to see Coraline.  i’m not sure if this movie is still on in major theatres, but there is a chain of smaller theatres here in denver that carries older movies and more independent films ( ).  we both enjoyed it a lot and i plan on taking cate to see ALIEN: The Director’s Cut toward the end of april for a midnight showing.  scary!  she’s never seen it and i can’t wait.  this past fall i missed seeing ghostbusters on the silverscreen for a trip to crested butte.  but maybe another time.  i’m hoping cate can get some pics up from her time in costa rica in the next few days.  we shall see!


March 29, 2009


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here are the couches i discovered on e-bay and what ultimately led me to start this blog.

thanks to anna from momoderne!



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gonna try to post some pics.

this was last weekend my friend aaron and i went camping in the south platte area.  we searched for boulders, hiked among some good and some bad, and climbed the good rocks.

the "awkward boulder"

aaron cleaning in the classic squat position

da tent

where we slept. errr...sort of slept.


fire of conversation

b-fast o' championz


setting was idilic

i want a permanent residence in this kind of setting.



new to this game

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hello all.  i do hope this works well since this is my first foray into the world of blogging.  what a concept!


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